Ant hills in the Yard – How to get rid

Ants are the real pain and ant hills of-course look ugly and destructive. They invade the beautiful garden and worsen it. The longer we neglect them, the bigger they become. From red, black ants to fire ants, all create a nuisance.

Types of ants

  • Red ants – Also known as leaf cutters, spoil the vegetable gardens the most. They destroy the tops of the plants in no time.
  • Florida carpenter – black ant.
  • Red-black flying ants.
  • Fire ants – Found outdoors. These are aggressive ants and torment a painful sting.

Ants really don’t cause any negative effects on the yard. They build their hills and pose a great nuisance to the gardener or the home-owner.

To get rid of the anthills, a two phased approach is followed. The first is broadcasting phase in which the insecticide is applied in and around the anthill area. This will kill a few of the ants. The next phase is drenching which involves application of organic non-toxic liquid insecticide.

Simple ways to get rid of ant hills

  • Water

    : Flush the hills with water. This floods their homes and they are forcibly driven out of the hills.

  • Vinegar

    : A more effective technique than water. White vinegar kills away not only the ants but also the grass around it.

  • Cinnamon

    : Sprinkling cinnamon around the anthill is effective as ants hate cinnamon.

  • Peppermint oil

    : Ants hate this substance too. Either oil is sprinkled around the area or this is put near the area using cotton balls.

  • Di-atomaceous earth

    : This substance, on sprinkling, dries out the ants and kills them. This is also cheap.

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