Overgrown Garden

Overgrown garden is a scary thing. It is because the gardener is not able to decide the point from where he should start. So, there has to be a plan designed out which can be carried in cleaning your over grown garden.

Steps To Clean Your Overgrown Garden:

Here are few steps which are required to clean your garden. These steps are:

Step 1:

The first is hire a mini – skip and a mulcher. Then invite few of your friends for lunch and ask them to give you a helping hand. The mini – skip will select all the broken, rusted and derelict features, any junk which can be recycled. The mulcher will regenerate all the overgrown running into mulch. Now, you have your friends, just pamper them with food and beverages and ask them to help you.

Step 2:

Now, select one part of the ground. And start by ripping that part.Try to remove all the ivy, honeysuckles, clematis, creepers any thing which had made your garden look overgrown. If you happen to get the source of the creeper then remove it and make it very short. Your aim must be to transform the land into garden with just the trees, shrubs and perennials in it. Apart from this only soil has to be there and nothing else.

Step 3:

Now, start pruning the trees, shrubs, and perennials present in the garden. Remove all the dead branches and creepers found on your main plants. Prune the overgrown shrubs and plant the new ones using these branches.

Step 4:

Once you have cleaned up your garden, it is the time to design your garden according to your requirement. The best part of cleaning the garden in such a manner is that your soil would mulch in proper manner and now you can grow any plant you desire. You can even plant the branches of the existing plants to get new ones.

So, at last you are ready with entirely a new garden which will bloom flowers to give a wonderful look.

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