Inorganic Fertillizers

The inorganic fertillizers have the ability to release the nutrients making formulas very rapidly. Moreover the use of inorganic fertillizers is more safe as the salts break up fastly in their presence which prevents the the soil from damage and pumps air and water inside the soil.

The use of inorganic fertilizers is very beneficial because provides the plants with the nutrition immediately and also activates the nitrogen cycle in the soil.

Advantages Of Inorganic Fertilizers:

The advantages of inorganic fertilizers are:

  • The nutrition is absorbed immediately by the plants. So in case you have a plant which is about to die, then add inorganic fertilizer to it it will saved automatically.
  • The addition of inorganic fertilizer gives the plants the basic nutrient required by the plant like the Phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. These elements will fulfill all the requirement of the plant.
  • The cost of inorganic packed fertilizer is not much so these can be easily afforded.
  • The use of inorganic fertillizers is time and money saving. So in case you are running short of these two and still want a beautiful garden around you then inorganic fertilizers are the best option.

Disadvantages Of Organic Fertilizers:

The disadvantage of organic fertilizers are:

  • The nutrients of the inorganic fertilizers especially the nitrogen has the tendency to settle down at the base of the plants near the roots. It is for this reason that they get washed away very easily.
  • If you go for the basic range of the inorganic fertilizers then they are cheap but the advanced form of the same is expensive. So it will be difficult to afford them.
  • Excessive use of these fertilizers increases the toxicity in the soil.
  • While using the fertilizers in the soil we are unconsciously exposing the plants to the chemical. The excessive presence of these chemical can even burn your plants.

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