Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer is a useful constituent which when added to the soil will add important minerals and starch to the soil. This addition of minerals and starch in the soil feeds humus which in turn makes the soil more fertile.

The fertilizer of seaweeds is considered similar to the vitamins which you take for your body. So, these are very beneficial for your plants. They show immediate results. As soon as you will add this to the soil you will notice the difference within few days only.

How To Make Seaweed Fertilizer:

The preparation of seaweed fertilizer is not a very difficult. Few steps are mentioned which can be followed to make the seaweed fertilizer. These are:

  • The first step is to collect the seaweed from the shores of the sea. Wire weeds found on the shores of the pacific ocean are commonly used for this preparation.
  • Now wash these seaweeds in the fresh water. This will remove the salt deposition in the seaweeds.
  • Now pour these seaweeds in a large barrel with no top over it. Add water in equal amount into it.
  • Leave this solution for at least eight days and stir the same at an interval of every two or three days.
  • After the span of eight weeks insert a tap in the barrel and pour the same solution into your fields.

Importance Of Seaweed Fertilizer:

The importance of seaweed fertilizer includes:

  • The fertilizer of seaweed adds minerals and starches in the soil which helps in feeding the humus.
  • Addition of seaweeds in the soil amends the soil entirely and increases the quantity and quality of the soil.
  • Seaweeds have fleshy structures, they give bulky appearance when they are fresh but when these dry up they become sad. In spite of this when these are added to the soil they supply variety of nutrient to the soil. They make the soil organic. It is for the same reason that this fertilizer is termed as organic fertilizer.

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