How To Build Raised Vegetable Garden

Raised vegetable garden is a method which involves no dig, no till, straw bale,lasagna and square foot gardening. There is no much stooping or digging in this method. It works well in rocky areas too because it all depends on the soil you choose that will help the plants grow well. Normally concrete, stones, bricks Wood or containers situated in tiers can be used in a raised bed. Wood is mostly used.

Lets start step by step as to how to build a raised vegetable garden:

  • Start by choosing a place which would have atleast six hours of sunshine and plenty of water nearby.
  • After finding a suitable place, spread out old cardboard in that area. Spread wet newspaper over it. Make sure that the newspaper overlaps the cardboard by atleast a quarter to one third of its size.
  • Next comes spreading of a layer of Lucerne Hay. It serves as food to mother earth.
  • Then spread a thin layer of manure over it.
  • Finally this is then covered with straw. This works as a mulch keeping the plants warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • Now all that is left to do is make small holes in the top layer of the straws and fill up the holes with compost and start planting into it.
  • Creating paths between the beds makes it even more easier and attractive.
  • A raised vegetable garden bed should be wide and deep enough to accommodate the types and number of crops grown there.

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