How To Take Care Of Garden Snails

The word Snail in general sense refers to land snails, freshwater snails and sea snails. They are found in a wide range of environment like ponds deserts ditches etc. They move at a very slow pace. A garden snail moves at a speed of 0.048 km/h.

Snails make a very good pet. They are not messy; they don’t take up a huge space nor is their food a problem. They can eat a wide variety of food.

  • When in a natural surrounding, like a garden, snails eat grass, leaves, bark fruits etc. green moist leafy vegetables would be a treat for them. Lettuce alone would cause them ill health. Wash all their food thoroughly before feeding them.
  • Calcium is a MUST for snails to build, develops and repair their shell.
  • Water is not so necessary for them as long as their surroundings are moist. You can however place a small bowl of water in their dwelling place.
  • You can place them in a plastic container with holes drilled in it. The container has to be made moist regularly as these creatures prefer a moist environment. Keep their dwelling place clean. Sufficient light and ventilation should also be provided.
  • Bathe the snail once a month.
  • Snails should be kept together and not isolated from one another. It is said that they tend to grow faster and healthier when together.

These are a few tips that need to be followed to take care of Garden snails.

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