Hand Trowels for Your Garden

When you purchase a trowel for your garden, you have to consider several things: blade material should be stainless steel so that it should not rust, the trowel should not be painted as the paint can flake off once the trowel is used and see that they have small holes in their handles so that they can be hung nicely when they are not been used, etc.
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A hand trowel is a gardening tool that is used for digging holes, planting bulbs, transplanting seedlings and several other such tasks that done routinely in gardening. These are the common gadgets used by gardeners along with other handy tools. They are found in any supply stores or in hareware stores.

Design of the hand trowel:

Hand trowel is designed so that the soil bed is easily skipped or an unwanted plant is uprooted easily. Basically, it includes a sturdy handle and a scoop shaped blade. It resembles miniature shovel except that the blade is longer and narrower, proportionally. This design makes the trowel suitable to work in the close quarters of flowerbeds.

Apart from hand trowels, you need pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands. Garden kneelers are additional things that you can think of for comfortable gardening. Garden kneelers are the pads that are designed to support the knees while you are working in garden without worrying about crushing plants.

OXO Good Grip Garden Hand Trowel:

OXO Good Grip Garden Hand Trowel features all the above criteria for the ideal design of hand trowel. The blades of OXO are high quality stainless steel so they wont rust in any circumstances. The blades edges are exceptionally strong so that they can be used for cut through small roots.

OXO Good Grip Garden Hand Trowel features extra like soft grip handles with flexable gel that makes the tool joy to use, especially when the digging requires force.

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