Cordless Grass Shears Benefits

Cordless grass shears

are the latest technology in grass shears. They feature 12 volt rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack with an optional aluminum extension handle of length 30 to 40 inches long. These shears use black-oxide blades for quick, easy cutting and the wall-mounted charging bracket makes it easy to store while recharging.

Grass shears are important tools for the gardeners. Primitive grass shears look like a large pair of scissor blades with the handle attached to the blades at a right angle. But now-a-days due to technology in every feild of life, the grass shears are featured with several fascinations like electric scissors and blades for quick, easy and decorative cuttings of the garden shrubs and grass. These are also featuring extensions so that you can reach far off places that you never even imagined that you cuold shear by standing at your place.

Here are few benefits of cordless grass shears:

  • As cordless grass shears are cordless, there is no difficulty while extending the cord.
  • They run on a long-lasting battery pack that make your life very easy and simple.
  • With the optional extension handle you can extend the grass shears as long as you want. You can get to the hard-to-reach places without extra efforts like using ladders or chairs etc.
  • The 12 V rechargeable battery pack takes not more than three hours to charge and lasts for more than one hour of trimming.
  • These grass shears need no outlet. This makes you comfortable to take the shears anywhere you need around your garden and even to the other places where you love gardening.
  • There is absolutely no need to hack away at delicate bushes or plants.

With these cordless grass shears your sidewalks, flowerbeds and far located shrubs can receive five-star care. Your garden will bloom with all beauty and elegance.

Happy gardening with cordless grass shears!!

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