Unique Ideas for Garden Fencing

Are your bored with your traditional white picket garden fence and want to be innovative with your fence? If yes then you have landed on the best article. After discussing 7 cost effective garden fencing ideas, in this article we will discuss some of the unique ideas for garden fencing.

Listed below are 6 innovative garden fencing ideas, select the one which suits your taste and style.

  • Bamboo or Willow:

    This is the simplest garden fence to install; you just need to nail bamboo or willow between 2 posts. Willows or bamboo not only adds to the beauty of your garden but it also gives you privacy and security.

  • Branches and Twigs:

    The space between 2 posts can be filled with branches and twigs. You can go for your own patterns, from crisscross, straight up or vertical down. You can even experiment with the height of the twigs and branches you use for your garden fence.

  • Bed Headboards:

    You can use your old bed headboards as your garden fence. Besides using wooden bed headboards you can even use metal bed headboards. You can use wires to hold the two headboards together and once you are sure with the look and feel you can get it permanent.

  • Window Frames:

    This is another innovative garden fencing idea. You can use window frames with its glass intact or you can even remove them for safety purpose.

  • Skis:

    Skis makes excellent replacement for picket garden fence. You can get skis from ski wraps, back garage or thrift stores. In case the number of skis is not sufficient then you can alternate skis with picket. For uniformity paint skis in one color.

  • Bike Wheels:

    In case you are fascinated towards metal garden fence then you can use bike wheel as garden fence. You can hold two bike wheels together with the help of wire or sturdy metal posts. For a more simple look you can half burry the bike wheel side by side.

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