7 Cost Effective Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden fence contribute a lot to your garden, be it creating boundaries, vision screening, noise screening or protecting garden from critters. Generally people prefers simple picket garden fence which is cost effective and easy to install. Are you looking for more cost effective and cheap garden fencing ideas? Listed below are 7 cost effective yet attractive garden fencing ideas:

  • White Picket Garden Fence:

    As mentioned above picket garden fence is one of the cheapest garden fencing ideas. Though they are cost effective but require constant maintenance. Hence it is better that during first installation you get use galvanized screws or nails and get it painted. According to your choice and exteriors you can choose any color for your picket garden fence.

  • Rustic Wooden Garden Fence:

    Rustic wooden fence has high aesthetic value but weak on security front. Depending on your location finding material for wooden fence shouldn’t be a difficult task. In case you want to cut down the cost further then you can even use secondhand wood from building sites.

  • Bamboo Garden Fence:

    Erecting bamboo as your garden fence is the cheapest option. Bamboo is one of the strongest woods hence if tied properly it is effective in providing reasonable amount of security as well as enhances the look of your garden. Bamboo garden fence is highly cost effective as its maintenance cost is very low. In case you can’t find bamboo in your area then you can use brushwood.

  • Dry Stone Wall:

    If you have an easy access on large rocks near your area then dry stone wall as your garden fence is the best and cost effective option. Dry stone wall is best suited for limited budget high security. Place the rocks in such a way that they interlock with each other. No steel rods or mortar is required. Another added advantage of dry stone wall is that they don’t require any maintenance.

  • Brick Garden Fence:

    Brick garden fence are good option for high degree of security in limited budget. You can use recycled red bricks for constructing your garden fence. To hold the bricks in place you need to spend a bit on mortar but still it shouldn’t be a costly affair.

  • Rusty Iron Garden Fence:

    This is the most beautiful yet cheap way to cover your garden. You can use old rusty iron fencing for making the basic garden fence. Then to cover it allow your creeping plants over it. It is best option for high security and low maintenance garden fence.

  • Bottle Garden Fence:

    In case you want more unique look within your budgets then search for bottles in your cellar. Now with the help of mortar form bottle wall. Larger the bottle, better garden fence is created. You can even form different patterns with the help of different colored bottles.

2 responses to 7 Cost Effective Garden Fencing Ideas

  1. My Hubby and I have been playing with back yard gardening. We have a 6 foot privacy fence around a fairly small back yard, so instead of digging up a large part of the yard we have been putting our garden next to the fence therefore eleminating rows. This makes our garden space saving, easy to take care of and we dont have to invest in expensive equipment. The one humourous event we had last year was that our ripe tomatoes keep disapearing. Finaly we discovered that our dogs were eating them. So this year we put our dog run over the garden area where we plant our tomatoes and now we have a rabbit and dog proff tomatoe garden. So if you have critter problem and have a dog run you might want to think about using it to keep your plants safe from critters.
    Have a fun garden season.
    Cheryl from Indiana

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