Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pond Algae

Are you troubled with the ever-growing green algae in your pond garden and thinking how to get rid of pond algae permanently? The best way to get rid off your pond algae is to deprive the algae with the basic elements required for survival. Some of the easiest ways to get rid of pond algae are listed below:

  • The best way is to introduce few water animals like snails, fish, etc. in your pond. The water animals will feed on algae hence solving your problem of pond algae.
  • Besides animals you can even introduce some plants in your pond. These plants will compete with algae for the same nutrients for survival hence making the pond environment less suitable for algal growth.
  • It is advisable to avoid phosphorous rich fertilizers around your pond garden. Phosphorous plays a vital role in sustaining mass growth of the pond algae.
  • Rainwater is the easiest way to transport various nutrients from plants and soil to your pond. Hence in case you have your pond garden at a low region then make sure that it has a protective embankment.
  • You can go for planting different flower plants around the embankment. Growing plants help in absorption of nutrients and water but causes organic litter like dead leaves to enter the pond. Hence make sure that you keep the organic litter out of your pond.
  • You can even create a buffer strip around your pond. Buffer strip mainly consists of high grasses and shrubs. The buffer strips checks water and other nutrients from entering the pond.

Though you can add poisonous algacides in your pond but it can be dangerous to other desirable animals or plants. Besides that algacides causes mass death leading to sudden drop in the oxygen levels of the pond. Hence it is better to go for safe and effective home remedies to get rid of pond algae.

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