Top 12 High Climbing Vines To Make a Beautiful garden

While designing a garden, the toughest affair one may face is perhaps incorporating the climbing vines properly. In spite of this, it can be made easier by selecting the proper climbing vines for a garden. There are some stunning vines which can be grown over the doorways, swayed from the hanging points and also up trees.

Basically, climbers and vines are very popular among the gardeners. Perhaps their carefree growing habit attracts the gardeners more or the way they actually add a vertical interest to the garden pull the gardeners towards them.

Finally, no matter what is the reason, but it is really true that some of the climbers and vines keep on mesmerizing the beginners and the seasoned gardeners alike.

Top 12 Climbers & Vines

Below are listed ten high climbing vines those normally move quickly for the sky, leaving you astounded by their color, strength and ability to grow.

  • Climbing Hydrangea # This is an amazing vine with attractive and large showy flower clusters. Basically, it is a very strong and fast grower that can climb a wall or tree. Besides, it can also be used as a groundcover. It also attracts hummingbirds in late spring to early summer.
  • Morning Glory # This delicate flowered vine actually looks great on the fence or the trellis of a garden. It can give your garden a romantic look. It blossoms rich royal purple along with velvet petals, a dazzling rose star and a pink throat.
  • Kiwi Vine # This vine is grown for it heart-shaped and distinctive foliage. The new growth comes in purple and matures to several degrees of variegation. And then it becomes highlighted with splashes of pink. It blooms tiny and inconspicuous flowers. They are having a mild fragrance.
  • Porcelain berry # It is best known for its pea-size lavender berries, which come at their best in the autumn. The color of the leaf is mostly green with the pink hues. It generally blooms in midsummer.
  • Sweet Autumn Clematis # This is a heavy flowering plant that can produce thousands of blooms even in the first year of its life. It has some added features. It actually blooms during the fall when all of the new flowers are welcome.
  • Heavenly Blue # This is a type of morning glory and is the most popular in its types. The bright blue flowers look very attractive and appealing. The heart shaped leaves and these flowers brighten up the entire garden and add beauty during the summer.
  • Jasmine Tobacco # With star-shaped flowers and sweet fragrance this vine fills the wind with a warm sweetness.
  • Honeysuckle # This perennial can survive for year after year and it blooms with white flowers. These flowers are primarily flushed with pink and then they turn creamy yellow as they age. They also bloom during summer.
  • Cup and Saucer Vine # This vine produces a show for the onlookers. It starts out with green primarily. Then it brings five-cornered, papery buds and opens to reveal the green plate and bell shaped flower. The pastel green flower becomes striped with violet but finally it changes to deep purple.
  • Hop # This is basically a showy vine with golden -yellow leaves that start attracting butterflies and it is also deer resistant. It is a dynamic grower that is having eccentric small flowers resembling pinecones.
  • Trumpet Honeysuckle # Fragrant, scarlet-red blossoms allow this easy perennial to come back recurrently. This is a great choice for covering the chain-link fences and other blemishes. This lush vine blossoms from early to midsummer.
  • Asarina or Climbing Snapdragon # It is a profuse flowering twiner and it is great in spilling over walls and containers. Though not a snapdragon, the flowers are similar. Will twine around trellises and strings and can be cut back if flowering drops off.

Benefits of Incorporating Climbing Vines

We have listed some of the benefits of having climbing vines in your garden.

  • Disguising unattractive fences
  • Adorning mailboxes and lampposts
  • Supplying fall color
  • “Roofing” a shade-giving arbor
  • Rambling over stone walls

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  1. I need a climbing vine with full sun exposure. What do you suggest?

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