Top 8 Tips To Set Up a Vegetable Garden in Small Space

Often you may aspire to have a vegetable garden but may not convert your wish to the reality, because you don’t have enough space to set up a nice vegetable garden. But now, we are here to help you out and to tell you how you can manage to have a nice vegetable garden even within a short space.

Tips for Arranging a Vegetable Garden

Below we have listed some ways to make vegetable garden with in a small space.

  • You can create a raised bed in the backyard of your house if you want to save space. Basically, a raised-bed garden seems to be easier to handle than a normal vegetable garden. In a raised bed garden you can be able to control its size as well as what type of soil actually fits in it.
  • Generally, garden soils contain weed seeds that are waiting to be germinated. Since there is not an enough growing space, you can pick some of your favorite plants that can be accommodated in that limited space. You need to remember that plants in a raised bed also should to fertilized and watered regularly.
  • If you are even lacking that much space to set up a smaller raised bed then there is also option for you. You can opt for a container garden. Containers normally can fit anywhere and moreover they are portable.
  • You need to select a container that must have a good drainage. The next step that you need to take is filling up the container with good quality potting soil.
  • You can even put various plants in one pot. You can even try growing an assortment of several plants with a particular purpose like, rosemary, basil and tomatoes.
  • You can also choose garlic and cilantro for creating a salsa garden. Since a container garden can hold a small amount of soil, so you need to take extra care with good fertilizing and proper watering.
  • For this kind of a garden with very limited space you can choose the fast growing plants like radishes and summer squash. These plants provide you with a quick harvest.
  • You can also go for compact varieties plants such as bush plants and dwarf. They can be easily planted closer.

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