Terrace Gardening – How to Create your Own Terrace Garden?

Imagine yourself enjoying a soothing cup of tea in Mother Nature’s after a tough day at work. Like the idea? No, I wont ask you to drop by the neighborhood park everyday. Have you thought about

terrace gardening

How about creating your own Terrace Garden and having tea there every evening after a grueling day at work?

If you are a proud owner of a Penthouse, you know just what to do with that huge terrace cum balcony there. You can hire professional Gardeners and Engineers to help you out, but if you think you would want to save that extra dollar. Then you’ve got to roll your sleeves up and get going on your own. We’ll tell you how:

Step1: Plan what you want to do

Go up to your terrace and visualize how you would want to see it. This might help you come up with the best possible plan. Your garden ought to have a proper balance of a lawn, small trees and ground covers. And if you have enough space and more than enough money then you can also invest in features like, rocks, gazebo, water bodies and other artifacts that can make your garden look beautiful.

Step 2: Introduce sufficient drainage chambers

A proper drainage system is one prerequisite without which your entire garden might turn out to be a damp squib, literally. Make sure sufficient drainage chambers at various points at your terrace. These points would all be supported with small drain pipes leading to the main drainage pipe. If the water does not drain properly, it will stagnate and cause a great damage to your building. If the terrace is not leveled or has a slope. Consult a landscapist.

Step 3: Preparing the floor

And before you begin working on your dream garden, make sure you waterproof your terrace. The floor of your terrace would serve as the base of your garden and you cannot just directly dump the soil on the floor of your terrace to grow your plants. You have to prepare it to host a terrace garden. First, you will have to lay burnt bricks approx. 2″ – 4″ uniformly on the terrace. Burnt bricks are the best because normal ones turn into mud and collapse the drainage system. Next, you should lay a wire mesh. This will prevent your soil to get inside the bricks.

Step 4: Get that Soil Right

A light weight and serves as an effective planting medium. Soil rite or peat moss is a very light soil and is an ideal growing medium for your terrace garden. However you can also prepare your own soil by mixing garden soil with manure and peat moss if you want to save money.

Step 5: Choose your plants wisely

The second most important step is to choose your plants wisely. Plants with a fibrous root system are best for your terrace garden. A plant with a tap root system might grow through the terrace and endanger the life of your building. You can create a very well-balanced terrace garden using two different types of palms, money plants, a few flowering plants, sun-flower plants and some herb plants. You can also plant exotic rose plants or orchids that can increase the glamour quotient of your garden too

Once you are ready with these five basic steps… you are ready to lay the soil and go ahead with your planting as per your plan. Good Luck!

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